Just like the Challenger Bread Pan, our bench knife was specifically designed by bakers for bakers. Developed by Jim Challenger in collaboration with baker Campbell MacFarlane and wood craftsman Aaron Lucas, the Challenger Bench Knife is exquisitely handcrafted from the finest materials and destined to become a family heirloom.

Our bespoke bench knife will help you create loaf after beautiful loaf of bread. It’s truly the only bench knife you’ll ever need! 

Made in the UK and USA.

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The bench knife is incredible as well, figured out I could use it as a transfer peel from couche to pan.
Bryan Ford, Baker, Writer and Recipe Developer, @artisanbryan
The pans gave me the crust of my dreams! Flavor was out of this world.
Steve McConkey, Cottage Baker @antiguaartisan
Up to the challenge! They are a dream to load, rotate, and uncover with two sets of handles for easy access. It works perfectly for both batard and boules and is by far the best bread baking vessel I have used.
Guy Frenkel, Baker, @ceorbread
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