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Bread baking
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Every detail of the Challenger Bread Pan was designed with the baker in mind.

With the Challenger Bread Pan, you can bake the perfect loaf of artisan bread each and every time. It’s the only pan designed and fabricated for baking better bread every time.

Jim Challengers Bread Pan
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It’s the perfect bread pan. Here’s why.


Absorb. Radiate. Retain.

The right heat isn’t just luck. The perfect loaf comes from powerful, consistent heat.

The thick black cast iron of the Challenger Bread Pan delivers uniform, radiant heat to your bread.

The domed lid allows space for a beautiful rise. Once you remove the lid, the base continues to radiate heat around your bread for beautiful crusts with darkened ears.



Steam is critical for baking bread. The right amount of steam keeps the outside of your dough soft during the first part of the bake — allowing for maximum expansion and the ultimate rise.

Steam also dissolves sugars on the surface of the dough. It’s these sugars that caramelize into beautifully browned, cripsy crusts.

The Challenger Bread Pan traps the right amount of steam for baking perfect bread — every time.


Perfectly placed.

No more complicated parchment slings to lower your dough into a deep pot. No more burned hands.

The multiple, well-placed handles, and the shallow base of the Challenger Bread Pan make handling easy — before, during and after your bakes.

Every detail of the Challenger Bread Pan was designed by bakers, for bakers, with purpose.

Challenger Breadware in the press

“Your go-to if you’re serious about your sourdough.”
— Food & Wine
“The perfect [bread pot]”
— The Strategist, New York Magazine
“…a fabulous new iron pan”
— Bread Magazine

What Bakers are saying

I’m amazed at the pro quality of the crust! Challenger Breadware delivers on its promise of great bread!
— Michael Kalanty, Author of How to Bake Bread
The Challenger Pan blows them all out of the water. Sky high!
— Richard Harris, Richard Harris Knives
So awesome! Check out all that space! It’s just plain sexy as hell!
— Trevor Jay Wilson, Author of Open Crumb Mastery
I am looking forward to baking with these pans for many years to come.
— Mike Hilburn, The Sourdough Podcast
Get one, you won’t be disappointed.
— Campbell MacFarlane, Maker of Campbell’s Dough Knife
This is a beautifully designed pan! …a perfectly crisp, thick crust with the most amazing blisters I’ve ever baked.
— Vanessa Kimbell, Author of The Sourdough School
…the loaves come out of the oven with a remarkable charisma and rusticity.
— François Thibeault, Bread Magazine
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