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Boule Scoring

Scoring a boule should be simple, so don’t overthink it. Like our lame, we’ll get straight to the point: it’s all about symmetry.

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Where to start

First things first, you need the right tool for the job. We recommend using a straight lame for boule scoring, seeing as the goal is simply give the steam a place to escape. Yes, there is opportunity for ear formation, and beautiful bloom, but the success of your score shouldn’t be measured by the size of the ear… unless that’s your goal, then go for it. To us, the goal is to maintain the round shape, and give that steam just enough space to allow your dough to eloquently rise. So, a nice balanced score will do the trick.

Which scores work best?

We recommend a symmetrical score to start. Because your boule is round, it is the balanced and symmetrical score that allows the steam to escape evenly, therefore maintaining its round shape. The most common scores are the X, which Greg uses in the video above, and the square, which is pictured below. These two scores are great place to start. They are simple and functional, and allow you to get a better read on how your scores are affecting your finished product. Once you’ve mastered the basics, boules also provide a great canvas for decorative scoring.

Five tips for scoring a boule

  1. Use a straight lame.
  2. Score the loaf with a symmetrical pattern (i.e. X/cross, or square).
  3. Use your off hand to create a bit of surface tension.
  4. Score to the depth of the lame stick, as demonstrated in the video above.
  5. In one smooth motion, score the length of your dough.



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