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Perfect your fermentation and take the guesswork out of your proofing times with our Proofing Kit! Comprised of our Fermentation Mat and Proofing Box, the Proofing Kit has the tools you need to create a temperature consistent environment for both your starter and your dough, allowing you more control throughout the baking process.

Exclusively available in North America.

Fermentation Mat:

Product includes Fermentation Mat and Temperature Controller only.

Fermentation Mat:

120VAC 60Hz / 20 Watts 3621

Do not immerse in water. Safe to wash with sponge or spray solution — wipe dry.

For indoor use only.

Proofing Box:

Just wipe clean with a damp cloth! Safe to hand wash.

PRO TIP: Give your Proofing Box a light coating of any cooking oil to help keep your dough from sticking – perfect for your stretch and folds.

Proofing Box:

Made from BPA free Polypropylene. Durable, and heat resistant towards baked goods fresh from the oven, our Proofing Box is made to last.

Interior dimensions: 10.56” x 10.56” x 2.75″ (266.7mm x 266.7mm x 69.85mm)
Exterior Dimensions (Base and Cover): 12.5” x 12.5” x 3.77″ (317.5mm x 317.5mm x 95.75mm)

Base Weight: 630g (22.2 oz)
Cover Weight: 350g (12.4 oz)


Fermentation Mat:

Multi-layered design helps both maintain mat temp and prevent the surface from becoming too hot.

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