Award-winning chef Marc Vetri has written one of the newest and best books about mastering pizza making. Marc spent years spent researching recipes in Italy and then perfecting them in America. He discusses different hydration levels, along with whole grains for more flavor. He teaches you to make all different styles of pizza in a home oven. Best of all, Marc found that cast iron gives you “faster baking, deeper browning, and a crisper crust than a 1/4” (0.6cm)-thick baking steel.” With its shape and size, the Challenger Bread Pan is the perfect pan for making the best pizza at home. You’ll need to read his book to learn the technique that he discovered for using cast iron for baking better pizza every time.



Jim Challenger curated this small selection of baking books from his book shelf. Challenger Breadware receives a small commission when these items are purchased.

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